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Window to the Soul: Capturing Indoor Magic with Natural Light Portraits

Updated: Jul 13

Natural light portraits is about capturing and harnessing the beauty of available indoor light to capture stunning portraits. To excel in this genre, consider these three tips:

1. Golden Hour Magic: The golden hour, which occurs during the first and last hours of sunlight each day, offers the softest, most flattering natural light for portraits. Take advantage of this warm, diffused light for a radiant and gentle look. Position your subject so the light falls on their face, creating a beautiful, natural glow. Shooting during this time can enhance skin tones and provide a flattering overall mood to your portraits.

2. Shade and Diffusion: On sunny days, direct sunlight can be harsh and create unflattering shadows on your subject's face. Seek out shaded areas, such as under trees, awnings, or buildings, to diffuse the light. This soft, even illumination can help eliminate strong shadows, resulting in a more even-toned and flattering portrait. Utilise reflectors or diffusers to further control and shape the light.

3. Window Light for Indoor Portraits: When shooting indoors, windows can serve as fantastic light sources for natural light portraits. Place your subject near a window, using the soft, diffused light that flows through. This side lighting can create dimension and depth in your portraits. Experiment with the subject's positioning in relation to the window to achieve different effects, such as rim lighting or even illumination.

By embracing the magic of the golden hour, utilising shade and diffusion to soften sunlight, and harnessing window light for indoor portraits, you can elevate your natural light portrait photography. These techniques will help you create captivating and flattering images that emphasise the natural beauty and soul of your subjects.

Model positioned by window to create a pleasing light effect
Using daylight from a window as a light source for indoor portraits

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