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The Redundant Suit

I recently took part in a collaborative work of artists each creating a postcard reflecting on their personal experiences of 2020. This body of work has been brought together in a book "The Postcard Project" (available at


My contribution was called "The Redundant Suit". The pandemic of 2020 forced many of us into working from home, others to be furloughed and some unfortunately to lose their jobs altogether. This self-portrait is a personal reflection on my own vulnerability and looking back to the times when going to work meant putting on a suit and leaving the house. Whilst the suit always represented work for me, and something I was happy to change out of at the end of the day, I found strange fondness to those days and missing the opportunity to put my work suit on.


Resound 2018

I am honoured to have one of my images used on the Alan Surtees Trust album "ReSound 2018". Alan Surtees was a cofounder of the Shrewsbury Folk Festival and this trust was set up in 2017 in his memory. The trust aims to make grants available to young and emerging musicians as well as for music education and art activities. For more information check out their website - 


The Collector

This series of images are a collection of ordinary items that I have presented in a way that's reminiscent of Victorian and Edwardian collector's specimens. I was intrigued how a collection of mundane objects, presented in this way can almost elevate them to something more significant, and invites the viewer to reassess their understanding of these items and to consider the links between objects in each set.

Elements - Woodland


For this inclusion in my ongoing Elements project I chose the theme "Woodland"


Elements - All Four Seasons

Elements is on ongoing project of mine where I take a series of images on a particular theme and present them in this collage style. This particular series was taken over 2017 / 18 and captures all four seasons.


For this project I was lucky enough to spend some time on a dairy farm in Shropshire. Coming from a rural county like Shropshire I am familiar with rural life but I'm very much a "townie". As such I went into this projects with eyes wide open, with no real expectations or pre-determined objective. I simply wanted to capture what I saw.

One thing I did notice was that being a dairy farmer today, not only requires early starts (its not a 9 to 5 job!), but how much science plays in managing the herd. Testing and analysis of samples seems to be a fundamental part of the job.

Many thanks to Roger and his family for accommodating me and giving me free range across the farm.