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Where Dali Meets Darwin

Shrewsbury, the birthplace of Charles Darwin, has quite the burgeoning art scene at the moment, with galleries and festivals popping up all over town, and one such festival is literally all over town this summer - "Shrewsbury Arts Trail".

This sees a range of artist using a variety of medium displaying their work across numerous venues, from coffee shops to shopping centres, outdoor venues as well as the town's own museum and art gallery.

This year's theme is movement and the artists are free to interpret it as they will. But as an extra bonus (and a real scoop for the town) 2 large original Dali sculptures are on loan to the festival and will be displayed in the grounds of the castle and in the Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery (SMAAG).

I am delighted to say that 3 pieces that I created specifically for this festival will also be on display, two in the Parade Shopping Centre (the rather grand former hospital in the town centre) and the third in the Museum and Art gallery itself.

I'm so happy to be part of this festival which runs from June through to the end of July. Follow this link for more details:

These are the 3 pieces on display.

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