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Upcoming Exhibition

I'm excited to say that I have a joint exhibition coming up in Shrewsbury next year!

Working in collaboration with a very talented painter we plan on pulling together a body of work depicting abstract landscapes. An exact date is yet to be confirmed but it's likely to be in March 2023 - more details to follow.

What I can say though, is for me this is about being more expressive with my camera and trying to emulate to look and feel of paintings, especially expressive abstracts through my photography. I like how painters can be very physical when creating their work - using strong expressive brush strokes or softer more delicate applications, flicking paint or simply allowing paint to run down the canvas. Its all very physical and you can feel that in the final work.

I've primarily been using Intentional Camera Movement (ICM), a technique where you move the camera whilst the shutter is open. To do this you need to control the amount of light coming into your camera, ensuring you have a long enough shutter speed so as to capture any movement but not too long to over exposing your shot.

Working out different movement styles has been really enjoyable too. I've discovered the different effects that are possible simply from the various ways I move my camera - slow, fast, fluid, shaky, twisting and circular, all achieve a distinct look which I can employ depending on the subject, available light, and the mood I want to create.

And just as artists will choose their colour palette for their piece, I too have been selective in the choice of colours. Whereas an artist will mix their colours prior to creating their work, for photographers its all in the edit once the picture has been taken. By saturating or desaturating the colours that are already there in the picture I can create different moods and effects.

So from the physicality of ICM, applying different movements, and choosing a particular colour palette, I feel more akin to a painter that I do in my other photographic work.

(Image - I Hear Her Voice)

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