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Street Portraits

Updated: 3 days ago

I was recently in Manchester with a friend of mine doing a bit of Street Photography. I love big cities, and I especially like Manchester with its back streets that look like New York, and its Street Art, its such a great place to photograph.

We were both shooting on film cameras (35mm) and were looking for candid shots of everyday life. We started to explore one of the many back streets as we were both drawn to the graffiti in that area. We passed two young guys and to my surprise one of them turned to my friend and said "Is that a film camera mate?" (he was shooting on a Leica).

It turns out the guy was into film photography himself, having cut his teeth on disposable cameras and had recently bought a "built like a tank" Soviet Keiv 35mm camera. We talked for a while, and found out that they had been to a gig the night before and were just killing time before heading home by tagging a few walls with a recently purchased spray can.

Whilst strictly speaking not "Street Photography" I couldn't let this opportunity go to waste so I asked if we could take a couple of street portraits of them, which I'm pleased to say they agreed.

These are the digitised copies of my original analogue results.

Manchester street portrait
Manchester street portrait

Manchester street portrait
Manchester street portrait

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