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I Wanna Be Me!

I cannot begin to describe how excited I am at having been able to photograph live music again the other evening!

This time it was at Albert's Shed music venue in Shrewsbury and I shot not just one, but two bands. First up were Plutonium, a local Punk band - technically the support band but their performance blow our neon green socks off and left us wondering how the main act - Lady Rage was going to follow that. But follow it they did, keeping the energy up with their brand of punk / riot / grunge rock. Lady Rage are a London band in the middle of their "Proudly Mad & Shameless (PMS)" tour.

Both Plutonium and Lady Rage were visually stunning, full of energy, and put on a great performance. Having the type of access I had to the bands as they performed is a real treat for a photographer and I cannot praise the venue and the artist highly enough.

Hope to do more of this stuff soon!

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