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Good Day Sunshine

The Saturday just gone I was in Liverpool with my photography club, a group dedicated solely to film (analogue) photography, something I like to return to every now and then. It was, after all, the medium I learnt my craft on back in those pre-digital days and I find the act of shooting a roll of film, where you can't adjust it's light sensitivity or switch between colour and monochrome, and your limited to just 36 shots, to be a meditative, zen-like experience. One where it's limitations can fuel creativity and where you have to just accept there are going to be some shots you won't be able to get.

The day started with a visit to the Open Eye Gallery to see the 2022 Sony World Photography Award exhibition, which was truly inspiring. Being blessed with gorgeous light we spent our time exploring the Albert Docks area and then the Baltic Triangle with its cool street art and general vibe.

One of my favourite shots from the day was a guy who was just opening up his bar - putting up an A-Board and flipping a sign over from "closed" to "open". But it was the fact he was wearing a bowler hat that caught my eye, and I felt I just let this opportunity slip away. He was happy to oblige.

During my Baltic Triangle wanderings I bumped into fellow photographer, Dale Flaherty (IG @cheshireprofessionalphotography) who tipped me off that Liverpool was hosting a Comic Con that day down at the Exhibition Centre. So, a quick detour on my way back to the car took me passed the convention, and I was able to grab some street portraits of those who were attending.

Finally, I made my way back to Albert Docks to use up the last remaining shots which I took of some skateboarders doing their thing. Apart from an aggressive busker who took a dislike to me and my camera (despite the fact a handful of tourists were already filming and photographing him), the day was an absolute joy and Liverpool delivered some great photographic opportunities, as always.

These are a selection of the (random) shots I took:

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