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Full Circle

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

With this morning being so bright and sunny I felt the need to capitalise on all this high contrast light and do some experimental photography in the garden. This is really me just pushing boundaries and seeing how far I can go and, more importantly where it will take me. With nothing more than a sheet of white paper and my iPhone, I began to take shots of the shadows cast by plants on to the white paper.

I toyed with physically manipulating the images simply by moving the paper closer or further away from the subject (altering sharpness and contracts) as well as bending the paper to create distortions. It struck me some of the images I was producing were reminiscent of the early days of photography or even sun-prints which I have done before.

With a bit of digital editing I was able to enhance this feeling and I've ended up with a series of shots that whilst taken and manipulated digitally, have ended up looking like they were taken using some obscure early photographic process.

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