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A Meeting Place

Updated: 4 days ago

Straight off the back of my last exhibition at Mrs Jones Gallery in Shrewsbury I have another! This time its a joint collaboration with local artist Jane Beesley and we're showcasing our work at Glouglou Wine Bar in Shrewsbury from March through to May 2023.

Jane and I know each other through our involvement with a local arts festival - Belle Vue Arts Festival, and it struck us how our abstract landscape work had some similarities, particularly in respect of mood, atmosphere, and colour palette.

We decided to do a joint exhibition around the idea of how prominent features in the landscape are often used as way markers or meeting places, and how we are both drawn to such places as inspiration for our work.

Glouglou Wine Bar in Shrewsbury were kind enough to give us wall space for this exhibition, which is already proving successful as both Jane and I have had some sales as a result.

If you are in town please do drop in to Glouglou for a glass or two of wine (they have some seriously good plonk and their staff really know their stuff), and take in our exhibition - "A Meeting Place" on until the end of May.

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