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A Grey, Miserable Day....Or Is It?

Knowing what the weather conditions were going to be like today, I decided to get up early and take advantage of the mist that was forecast and head into the woods to get some atmospheric forest shots.

Although I wasn't out long, I enjoyed my time amongst the trees, listening to the sounds of the forest, taking in the earthy, woody fragrances, and becoming acutely aware of the subtle changes in the weather. Changes that I wouldn't have noticed had I stayed indoors. This experience made me appreciate the morning and get more out of what many would have dismissed as a "miserable day".

This struck me as a powerful metaphor for life. How often have I just dismissed something out of hand, and what difference would have been made if I'd only spent a little time observing, taking things in, and beginning to appreciate subtle nuances before jumping to conclusions. Things are rarely binary and if you allow yourself the time to just sit, look and listen, you are sure to get more out of life, if only changing your perception of a grey miserable day.

Hope you like my shots.

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