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New Light Through Old Glass

I was fortunate enough to get a very special present from a very special person for my birthday this year. An Ensign Ful-Vue box camera from 1939!

It was all in good working order so the other week I loaded it up with a roll of 120 film and using a light meter App on my phone I headed off to try it out. I loved the simplicity of it and the fact I was using new technology (an App) alongside an 80 year old camera. It did get me wondering what happy memories this little box has captured in its lifetime...?

The black & white shots below are the results - which I'm really happy about (the colour shot was taken on my phone). Some of the other shots had some light bleeding onto the frame (some can be seen on the ones below), but that was user error and no fault of the camera.

Just waiting for the better weather to try my next roll now!

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