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All washed up

Part of my trip to the coast yesterday was to try out an idea I had some time ago.

I've used sunography paper before (light sensitive paper you place objects on and expose to sunlight to create an image of the shadow the objects creates). This time I wanted to use found plastics from the beach. Unfortunately, it didn't take me long to find plastic, but it soon became clear to me the plastic found on Barmouth beach fell into two categories, the first was washed up from the sea and consisted of marine twine and rope. These were found at the high tide mark.

The second, were found above the high tide mark and was made up of left behind children's toys.

The following are images taken on my iPhone of the original sunograph paper. The combination of the blue background and the organic look of the marine twine for me is reminiscent of marine life - perhaps jellyfish or seaweed.

All plastic used was removed from the beach and disposed of appropriately.

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