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Street Photography

On a recent trip to London I indulged in a bit of impromptu street photography as I made my way back to the tube. Using my iPhone and the Blackie App I took a series of candid shots, but this one is my favourite.

It shows a group of pedestrians making their way along Piccadilly. My attention was drawn to the three people in the centre of the picture. Although they had been walking along independently to each other, the scaffolding behind them had narrowed the pavement, forcing them closer together. All three seem determined to get on their way, they appear uncomfortable with their proximity to each other, and are eager to break free. For me it is reminisient of runners at the beginning of a race just after the starting gun has gone off. I also like the way none of the three are looking at each other, but instead are looking to pick their way free of the crowd.

I tried to be unobtrusive as possible and not make it obvious I was taking their picture, but clearly the lady on the left knew what I was up to...

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