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You Can Lead a Horse to Water

In the recent weeks and months I've been drawn to the Long Mynd, a moorland plateau in south Shropshire. I'm creating a collection of black and white images of the site (which may form an exhibition or book - still to decide on that one), but in the meantime I wanted to share these colour images and the story behind them.

On today's trip I came across one of the ponies that roam wild up there. I had encountered this one before and he seemed comfortable with me taking his photo. I followed him for a while and he lead me to another pony. In turn these two lead me on to three more ponies and together all five took me to a watering hole.

I spent a while photographing them as they slurped the water and munched on algae. I felt privileged to have shared this moment with them and I'm pleased with the resulting colour images.

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