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Love them or hate them the selfie has become an established part of modern culture. As a photographer I’m intrigued how an unspoken format has developed around what a selfie should look like and how to take one – camera held high, at an angle, head slightly turned, shared on social media.

This has resulted in a plethora of images that look the same.

I wanted to challenge this unspoken format and create a unique “selfie” that has my own twist on it. I therefore came up with two concepts for my selfie. The first thing you'll notice is my selfies are collages rather than one single image. The first has an intimate feel, inviting the viewer into the personal space of the subject (me!) and doesn't shy away from exposing skin blemishes and flaws. The second collage is much less personal, almost distant and the detail and intimacy from the first collage is most definitely absent in this set.

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